Profile: John Lane

Skills: Android Developer; SQL Performance, Tuning, and Optimisation Specialist

Android Development

I am a versatile developer, with over 7 years' experience successfully delivering Android projects. I have worked on diverse projects from multimedia-rich 3D apps to heart-rate trackers, for organisations such as the BBC, NBC, TomTom, and Unilever, as well as start-ups.

As well as all the fundementals you would expect from an experienced Android developer: full life-cycle development using Android Studio, 3rd-party APIs, JSON, GitHub etc., I have a comprehensive background in enterprise server systems and an aptitude for picking up new technology quickly. With a strong maths background and problem solving skills, I have invented novel algorithms and solved challenging problems for clients, in areas such as image processing and compression, signal processing, and telemetry transmission.

In addition to creating new apps from scratch, if you have an existing project that is coming off the rails, I am skilled at successfully rescuing failing projects and getting them back on course.

For more information, including a portfolio of previous apps, please visit my site.

SQL Performance, Tuning, and Optimisation Specialist

With over 17 years' experience working on enterprise systems, including SQL databases, I specialise in the development of high-speed database applications. Whether you are developing a new application or want to speed up your existing one, if you need it to be fast - I can help.

I have many years' experience successfully troubleshooting and fixing performance problems, and offer a "no faster, no fee" guarantee.

To read some of my performance articles, please click here.

Contact John Lane

Tel: 07542 569939


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