Profile: Sky Apperley

Skills: JavaScript, Swift, XHTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, HTML5, JSON based APIs, D3, PhoneGap, Troubleshooting.

I'm am a freelance front end developer who specialises in mobile. My main skills are JavaScript, Swift, XHTML, CSS, and jQuery. I have worked on a number of mobile apps in PhoneGap for cross-platform deployment and I write native iOS mobile apps in Swift.

I am presently doing a lot of javaScript development, but I am moving more towards native iOS apps in Swift. I've also worked on data visualisations using SVG graphics.

I can also help with custom jQuery code, custom JavaScript code, responsive websites, Ajax, form validation and troubleshooting CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. I can modify jQuery plug-ins, write custom animations and web application logic with jQuery.

Examples of what I am asked to do:

  • Core Data based app written in Swift for iOS
  • Troubleshooting JavaScript in web applications.
  • Fixing problems in jQuery code for Brighton based company.
  • Deploy apps on Google Play store and Apple App store
  • Upgrade PhoneGap projects to latest Cordova version
  • Data visualisations using D3 and custom SVG paths
  • Wrote additional calls for Node based API
  • Create/edit mobile apps for iOS and Android
  • Setting up jQuery UI controls and date pickers.
  • JavaScript calculators and front end adjustment in Shopify.

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